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"Jazz Ballet of Valery Tereshkin" a professional dance company of Krasnoyarsk State Philarmonica (Russia).This is a unique russian company  representing unusual jazz dance culture, being a reflection of the Russian art of dance influenced by western art of music and dance. There are 20 dancers directed by the choreographer Valery Tereshkin, who founded this group in 1987.Due to his great love to jazz music, Valery Tereshkin created a new kind of jazz choreography, quite new for Russian traditions, and a company with his own and unique style . A former jazz musician (accordeon, and later drums and percussion) , Valery often uses live music in his performances. A big collection of drums is used in the productions, and there are some dance pieces in afro style, performed by the dancers, playing drums.The repertoire of the today's company is reach with dance productions and musicals of various styles of jazz. Each season the company performs with new project. Valery often says: "I can't afford staying on the same level. We often perform in our native city, on the prestigious stage of the Big PhilharmonicConcert Hall, where people are always looking forward for something new, and each performance must be a kind of a miracle for them."Touring all over Russia and throughout the world (Mexico, USA, Germany, France, China, Japan, Czech Republic) - Jazz Ballet Valery always benefits love, affection, and respect of its fans.   The company participated in a famous Jazz Dance World Congress from 1996 till 2002, performed in the final competitive events  in a famous Kennedy Centre (Washington, DC), Phoenix (Az) Buffalo Centre for the Arts (NY), Monterrey (Mexico). As the result -  Valery Tereshkin was twice awarded by Bronze Leo Award (1998,1999), Silver Leo Award (2001) and  Gold Leo in Chicago (Il) (2002) for his outstanding choreography.Company is available throughout the year. Touring requirements are very flexible and we are always opened for negotiation.
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